Regional Championship

‘Last Boxer Standing’  Regional Tournament Announcement

 In addition to the thrilling Last Boxer Standing World Championship, elite athletes who crave the chance to fight for a prestigious LBS Regional title, fighters can take part in one of the five regional championships. Each of these is an individual stand-alone championship tournament, open only to those residing within the designated region. The five regions are Asia-Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and The Americas. Male and female fighters from selected countries within these regions will compete to accumulate points in their home country. The top ranked individuals will be given the honour of representing their country in the exhilarating battle for the title of Regional LBS Champion. The 16 men and 16 women will take part in country-versus-country knockout rounds until only one warrior of each gender stands triumphant. LBS is changing the face of fighting. Will you be there to witness the global revolution?

African Championship

‘Last Boxer Standing’  African Tournament Announcement

Bringing forward the top 16 competitors who have qualified for the Africa LBS Championship, countries across Africa, such as Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Congo and South Africa just to mention the few, the LBS National Championship will move through a series of knockout rounds until only one champion stands victorious and owns a Last Boxer Standing Africa title. It is the biggest tournament to ever showcase such a diverse range of African talent and will no doubt make household names of some of these amazing athletes.

Middle Eastern Championship

‘Last Boxer Standing’  Middle Eastern Tournament Announcement

The untapped pool of mighty competitors eager for a shot at the crown and their moment in the spotlight to make their country proud, will make the LBS Middle Eastern Championship one of the most electrifying and epic battles ever seen. Countries participating include the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan and Morocco… just to mention a few. This is the first of its kind combat event that will see all middle-eastern countries come together in the sporting event driven by honour and represented by their National Champions.

European Championship

‘Last Boxer Standing’  European Tournament Announcement

The pressure will mount after each knock-out round. Whose country’s talent will move up through the ranks? And when old adversaries such as England and France or Germany and Italy face off, there is sure to be fireworks. Whether you are a fan or a fighter, this Championship will have ‘You snooze, You Loose’ as the main saying of the day. is not for the faint of heart.

Asia Oceania Championship

‘Last Boxer Standing’  Asia Oceania Tournament Announcement

The tournament will host the highest-ranked fighters from 16 diverse nations, including Japan, China, Vietnam, India, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, South and North Korea, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand just to mention a few of the countries with fascinating history of martial arts development. With thoroughly designed rules to suit all styles, LBS gives fighters from all disciplines an equal opportunity to have their shot at glory and make their country proud.

Americas Championship

‘Last Boxer Standing’  Americas Tournament Announcement

National LBS Champions from 64 countries, 64 men and 64 women in the same weight division, will come together and fight each other in their respective categories in the 6 day World Championship. 64 lady competitors will face each other on the day 1, with 32 winners progressing in to the next stage. Day 2 will see 64 men battle it out, with 32 winners going forward. Day 3 will see the 32 ladies fight for the place in the top 16 of the World Championship, with Day 4 seeing the same happening in the male category. Day 5 will have the remaining 16 female fighters battle for the most ultimate title in the world of fighting to date…Last Boxer Standing World Champion!! On the day 6, the top 16 male fighters in the world, will face each other in what will be the most important fight of their career, to be crowned asLast Boxer Standing World Champion!!