Last Boxer Standing Four-Nation Championship proudly hosted in SA

Last Boxer Standing Four-Nation Championship was designed to pit together rival countries in quest to show their dominance yet again, and use the sport as a battle platform in the unified boxing arena. This tournament brings together 16 top fighters from four countries – England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, or the World Superpowers Russia, USA, China and Japan as an example, Brazil and Korea which has a lengthy history with different Boxing styles.

The Championship will see the four top contenders from each of the countries face off in a series of knockout rounds testing their true will, until one remains to claim the Title . The relentless pace and determination from the fighters to honor their country will ensure that each bout is a sensational display of all-rounded boxing skill. The LBS Four Nations Championship – It’s a matter of national pride. We invite sponsors and prompters to take part in this innovative and new boxing concept!!