Last Boxer Standing USA Championship proudly hosted in SA

A proud sporting nation, one that has produced legends on the football field, basketball arena, MMA octagon, Boxing ring and the baseball pitch. Where boxing disciplines were born, where the craft was perfected by dedicated athletes. Watch as all 50 of the United States of America are represented by their state LBS Champions, in an almighty contest to find the ultimate champion: The Last Boxer Standing USA. LBS is a test of pure athletic skill, stamina and grit – the perfect sport for a country that produces athletes of the highest calibre.

LBS is the most exciting and compelling sport to hit US shores since that other all-American test of might and mettle, American Gridiron Football. The USA Championship will draw on all 50 American states, through individual inter-state competitions, to find a male and female contender from each, as well as 14 “wild card” entries to shake things up even further.

Wild card entries are open to exceptional boxers. They must submit a profile and letter of motivation to qualify for selection. In total, 128 extraordinary athletes, 64 male and 64 female, will battle it out over a six day period to be the LBS – USA Champion. As all 50 states are brought to their feet, as the competition gets fiercer with each successive round and each participant is pushed to their limit, there will be no doubt that this massive tournament is set to make USA history and change the face of American boxing disciplines forever, giving the spectator new legends, new heroes, and the new excitement in their love for the boxing sports. With this announcement for Last Boxer Standing USA, we invite sponsors and promoters to take part in this innovative new world combat sport.