Last Boxer Standing World Championship proudly hosted in SA

National LBS Champions from 64 countries, 64 men and 64 women in the same weight division, will come together and fight each other in their respective categories in the 6 day World Championship. 64 lady competitors will face each other on the day 1, with 32 winners progressing in to the next stage. Day 2 will see 64 men battle it out, with 32 winners going forward. Day 3 will see the 32 ladies fight for the place in the top 16 of the World Championship, with Day 4 seeing the same happening in the male category. Day 5 will have the remaining 16 female fighters battle for the most ultimate title in the world of fighting to date. Last Boxer Standing World Champion! On the day 6, the top 16 male fighters in the world, will face each other in what will be the most important fight of their career, to be crowned as Last Boxer Standing World Champion!