LAST BOXER STANDING, already in its development stages, is paving the way to the first ever Boxing World Championship. 64 Countries will send their best male and female boxer to fight for their countrymen and honour of their home lands. 124 Champions from around the world, 64 men and 64 women will be representing their country in the toughest Boxing event in mankind history, fighting each other in the elimination structure until only one man and one woman stands victorious to be crowned as a LAST BOXER STANDING WORLD CHAMPION.

The Reality/Sports TV Show will be hosted by an iconic Boxing Legend that will take the viewers into the lives of these men and women, taking the spectators on the Gladiator journey of becoming a Legend of the Boxing Legends!!

The Reality/Sports TV show will follow the participating boxers and take you into the lives of these boxers covering their stories, training camps, the emotion, dedication and sacrifices that goes on behind the scenes – those untold stories that forms part of the journey to become a legend!